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The Lewes Pilot Gig Club, you see, isn't just about rowing; it's a microcosm of life's unexpected twists and turns, a place where you're as likely to learn about the resilience of the human spirit as you are about the proper technique for a stroke. Here, amidst the gentle lapping of the waves and the sturdy feel of wood beneath your palms, you'll find a sense of community that's as comforting as a well-worn dressing gown.

We row from:


Newhaven Marina, Fort Road, Newhaven, BN9 9BY

We warm up and grab our life jackets from here: What3words-panicking.sprinkle.occupations



Since 2018, Lewes Pilot Gig Club has been introducing the time-honored exhilaration of gig rowing to Lewes.


It involves a hearty crew—six rowers and a coxswain—coordinating their efforts to propel a 32-foot elm vessel through the aquatic realms of seas and rivers.

Our voyages launch from Newhaven harbour, undeterred by the seasonal whims of Earth's climate, offering a berth for every level of experience, from the uninitiated to the nearly nautical.


In a spirit of nautical goodwill, we extend three free trial rows to anyone curious enough to dip an oar in the water.


Click HERE to learn more, you won't regret it.


Meet New people

Get fit and feel good


Be part of a community 

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