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Bookings and Events

Click here to book a row or sign up for events through our bookings calendar.
Choose your row and click Signup to book.

Competitive rowers can sign up for their team rows. 6-8 rowers per session.

Anyone can sign up for a social row. Minimum of 6 and maximum 12 rowers per session.

Coxes will make sure there are enough rowers per session. 
Please leave any changes to the row times or details to the administrators and coxes.


Of course, life gets in the way sometimes. If you need to change your booking or are unable to make your booked slot, please give as much notice as possible and find someone to take your slot.

Your fellow rowers can't row if there aren't enough people, so please let everyone know 3 days in advance and at the very least 24 hours ahead, unless you have an emergency of course. 

How to cancel:

Find a

Go to WhatsApp  - Lewes Gig Club Rows & Times
and put out a request with the following info:

"Available 1 space on [name of your team or social]

at [date and time] due to cancellation by [your name]"

Delete your name from the event in the bookings calendar.

How to take up a cancelled slot:

Reply to the

Go to WhatsApp - Lewes Gig Club Rows & Times.
Hover over the message about the available space.  Select Reply from drop down menu, and write:
 "Taken 1 space on [name of team or social] at 

[date and time] by [your name]"

Add your name to the event in the bookings calendar.

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